Zip Up Hoody Jacket Vest Style for Women

Although the zip up hoody jacket vest style has been popular in Asian and European countries for some time, the social internet age has spread it to universal appeal; when combined and layered with your existing wardrobe, the hoody jacket zip up vest style opens up a fun and unique set of possibilities.

The Steal
Women's Hoody Zip Up Jacket Vest by H2H

Zip Up Hoody Jacket Vest
by H2H

  • Lightweight Spandex and Cotton Blend
  • Available in all colors
  • Choose color and size on Amazon
  • Korean styling and design


The Real
Women's Zip Up Hoody Jacket Vest by Titania

Hoody Jacket Zip Vest
by Titania

  • 100% Cotton Vest
  • Detachable hood with wool interior
  • Gold accents and buttons
  • Thick lining interior to stay warm